11 Years

As I type this, I am lying next to the lovely woman in this picture.

If you see her, be forewarned: she is dangerous.

She is tenacious and hard working. She is passionate about her goals and defending those she loves.

And she loves God with all her heart.

That is the dangerous part.

She will help you get to know God or grow deeper in your relationship with Him. She will not let unjustice go by without saying something, and that includes any injustice you may have against God.

And trust me, as a fallen person who needed my Savior to rescue me from the pit and still struggles from time to time with following Jesus completely, I know her ability to do all the things I have described here.

Thankfully, 11 years ago today (at the minute this is scheduled to post online), she agreed to help me personally everyday, no matter how hard it got, how stubborn I can be, or how much I make her laugh. (It seems that last one is a lot, even if I do not mean to …)

So, if you see her …

Remind her she is loved by her Lord and Savior. And her husband of 11 years, as of today.

Oh, and we finally got to meet our nephew, yesterday. He is great!

    • Ellen Pearson
    • June 13th, 2020

    Congratulations to the two of you. I never doubted that you could do this and more. I love you and talk with my lord and savior about you frequently, if not daily. By the way, I love the pictures. I’m putting them on my screen saver. grandma

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  1. Love the post! As I’ve said before, you’re one lucky/blessed man. Her value is far, far above rubies.

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  2. Congrats bud. It’s always great to have a God fearing woman with you. Even if it means she takes you down a peg or two, because you need it lol.

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  3. Happy Anniversary!

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