Review – A Matter of Days – Chapter 17

This takes a few minutes to read through!
Most of these objections (currently valid or not) would need more than a few sentences to refute. I have read full articles from ICR, AiG,, and others with myriad sources from both sides (and more) explaining both the difficulties and strengths of most of the YEC points versus OEC points. The flippancy, hypocrisy, and intellectual dishonesty of many on the Old Earth side is what helped push me away from an Old Earth view.
That is not to say there are not some on the YEC side who act similarly (especially in the Flat Earth group, which is quite frankly silly), because there are some. However, I have found YEC scientists to be more forthcoming and honest about research. And that is not to say that that is a strong argument for the validity of the claims. There merely tends to be more consistency in YEC arguments from the evidence.



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The Scientific Case for a Young Cosmos

In this chapter, Dr. Ross lays out 12 well known arguments from biblical creationists that are used and that were used in the past to refute old earthism. He then gives a reply to all twelve in an attempt to preserve old earthism. In the first sixteen chapters (and the introduction), I have shown that he has failed to build a congruent case for old earthism from both scripture and science. Let’s see how he does responding to these dozen claims for a young cosmos

Exhibit A: The continents erode too quickly for Earth to be old

Essentially the case for a young earth is measuring the erosion rate of the continents, and this extrapolation gives a time limiting factor of only 16 million years.

Reply: This challenge focuses on one side of the equation only. It…

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