Presuppositional Apologetics Grounds Acumen

This may be on the longer side, but I also discovered Presuppositionalism through Dr. Jason Lisle and agree with the conclusions. This is a decent summary of Presup with a good example of its use.



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You think this hashtag will begin trending? Probably not 

When I first started hearing about presuppositional apologetics several years, ago, I’ll admit, it took me a while to get the concept. It’s not a way of thinking that I was taught growing up.

I was first introduced to the philosophy by Jason Lisle’s book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation. Dr. Lisle builds a strong case for the layman to understand, but I was unsure how or when to ask questions. I watched videos from Sye Ten Bruggencate, James White, Jeff Durbin, and Greg Bahsen. Each time I learned a little more, and after practicing with in my own interactions online, I feel more comfortable with sharing the gospel through presuppositional apologetics.

How does one start? Ten Bruggencate puts it this way: “Read your Bible and believe what it says.”

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  1. Thank you!

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    • Absolutely!
      #PAGA might not take off, but it is so strange that this guy’s understanding of the world and epistemology is considered credible. I am even astounded when Christians attack Presup, calling it such things as dangerous, embarrassing, or ludicrous. Especially when they turn around and correctly teach we must change our thinking and understanding in light of the Bible!

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  2. Good stuff

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