Little Things With Big Impact

Okay, so you can take this opportunity to pray for Wally, but I was blown away by his little lesson that came from his … discomfort. It was convicting and comforting for me at the same time, so ENJOY!


Truth in Palmyra

We are interrupting our Follow Me!, series for this special broadcast.

That picture, up there in the featured image, is my yesterday; unfortunately, that is MY arm! I am 57 years old, and yesterday I had my first ever IV. This little bugger right here was the culprit, 2.5 mm of sheer terror:wp-15658818149857969425099092789215.jpg

That sucker is a kidney stone. I have only ever had two, and yesterday was the 2d one. All I can say is that for such a little bitty thing, they cause pain way out of proportion to their size. Praise God in that each time I have had one, it has passed with amazing speed; I hear of people taking days to pass one. They doped me up, flushed me out, and voila…there it was!

It may sound shocking that such a little thing can cause so much grief. Yet, if we read God’s Word, that…

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