The Joshua Harris Fallout: The War Everyone’s Forgetting (Or Never Saw)

I am interested to see if this spurs conversation. I know some of my friends would take issue with this (well, probably Christianity and Christians as a whole …), but I would not mind seeing conversations go down this route.


Brandon J. Adams

Few days of history compare to the last day of the World Wars. Millions danced in streets across the globe.

But those scenes seem far removed from today.

“Why continue torturing myself? Why not just forget God and get on with life, like most of the rest of the world? Instantly I felt a sense of relief and freedom, like I had just passed a final exam … I picked up my Bible and a couple other Christian books and walked downstairs and out the back door. I shut the door softly behind me, so as not to wake anyone. In the backyard was a brick barbecue grill, and I piled the books on it, sprayed them with lighter fluid, and struck a match. … at last I had peace. A great weight had lifted. I had been honest with myself. Any pretense was gone, and I no longer felt…

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  1. Great share

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  2. Other than the line “This Jesus never will let go, as long as you don’t.”, the author was spot on. I especially loved his warfare analogies, for they truly do describe the actual nature of our situation: there are few times for lawn chairs and leisurely reading.

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    • That was one of the lines that inspired my “conversation” comment. I liked this overall, but I did have a few minor “ehhh” moments that I would have said differently. I do like the main message, though. My VerseD post for tomorrow improves that sentence by reminding us of Christ’s faithfulness carrying us through.


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