The Trouble with Sunsets (Examining the Flat Earth with no help from NASA)

I like this one, because real science is applied.

A Bit of Orange

I recently wrote an article for Creation Today about the different ways in which Young Earth Creationists (YEC’s) and Flat Earthers interpret the Bible. You can read it here:

In reply, I had a fellow named Scott imply that I had misunderstood and therefore misrepresented the perspective of Flat Earth believing Christians. During a jaunty bit of back and forth, I was reintroduced to some of the many arguments and evidences which are used in defense of the Flat Earth. One of these is an explanation for the sunset.

According to the flat earth model, the Earth is a essentially flat plane (as opposed to a ball) and the sun orbits around the north pole about 3,000 miles overhead (The sun is either 40 miles across or 300 miles across, depending on how you ask. Yeah, I know. There’s not one standard accepted flat earth model as of yet.)…

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  1. I’m a creationist, and I even consider myself a Young Earth Creationist, but what I MEAN by “young” is does not mean “6,000 years.” The age of the earth, I believe, is older than that, but younger than the millions or billions believed by evolutionists. I believe in a literal 24-hour “six day” creation, but when that week occurred is debatable. I do not believe in “theistic evolution,” either, for that undermines biblical soteriology by denying original sin, the fall, and doctrine of the first and second Adam.

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    • I am okay with up to 100,000 years, but I personally lean towards 7-10,000.
      Basically, agreed. That being said, it would not wreck my faith to find evidence of millions of years, but it seems highly improbable.


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