The New Year

We are now only one day away from New Years Eve, and now is the time to get alone somewhere and be honest with yourself and God about this past years failures and successes. When talking about failures and successes, I am primarily referring to relational failures and successes. Not necessarily romantic relationships, but simply how you relate to, and love your fellow man.

As Christians, we know that we’ll never be perfect in this life, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t try to become better people. Ask yourself this question: “Am I more like Jesus today than I was last year?” If your honest answer is “yes” then congratulations! You have grown this past year into a better person. But if your answer is “no” or even “I’m not sure,” then let it be a warning sign to you that you might be headed for a stagnant, lukewarm lifestyle.

However, no matter what your answer is, we all need to continue our personal growth. Here are some tips to help you evaluate where you are and where you’d like to be next year:

  1. Look at your relational failures this past year and figure out what you might have done differently. Did you help others grow? Did you feed the hungry? Did you prioritize people over things?
  2. Make a note about how you want to act and what you want to do this coming new year.
  3. Look at your relational successes from this past year. Let these encourage you but also ask yourself “was it enough?” “what can be maintained or improved?”

You see, we live in a dark culture that is consumed with materialism. But the light of Christ shines through the compassion, generosity and kindness of those who practice loving people instead of loving “things.” That is why it is so important for us to grow and become more like Jesus, so that this dark world will see His light and have hope.

You are the light of Jesus, and you will burn brighter the closer you get to Him.

Happy New Year!

“You are the light of the world…” Matthew 5:14

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