Generations upon Generations

The Ram in The Thicket

The Bible speaks a lot of generations…I mean a lot! The Old Testament is filled with long passages about who fathered who and to which tribe each person belonged and how long each person lived and so on and so forth.

This week, while reading Matthew 1 (as part of our One Year Bible reading plan….it’s not too late to start. The link is at the end of this post), I was captivated as the first 17 verses are dedicated to the genealogy of Jesus, beginning with Abraham and taking us to Jesus…42 generations in between to be exact! What stood out to me while reading this is the fact that God fulfills many of His greatest promises over the course ofgenerations…not seconds, not hours, not days…but generations! All the way back in Genesis 2 God promised Jesus and here in Matthew 1 we finally meet Him!


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