The Weekend Funnies – on Father’s Day

A little early, but thanks to Pastor Chris for sharing these!
Thanks, Dads and Dad-like people, who have helped me and help people all over!


New Life

In honour of this Father’s Day weekend, here are a few specially themed comic strips. The challenge from Calvin and Hobbes? Fathers – spend time with your children! The challenge from Nancy? Honour all of those who have served some sort of fatherly role in your life. And the Foxtrotone? Well, it’s just a fun little modern take on father’s day. Enjoy…

Calvin & Hobbes - father's day

Calvin & Hobbes (c) 2016 Bill Waterson.

father's day foxtrot

Foxtrot (c) 2016 Bill Amend.

father's day nancy

Nancy (c) 2016 Guy Gilchrist.

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