A Dad’s Vent about Virtue and Purity

I would not have worded it this way, for two reasons:
1) Quite frankly, I am not a dad, yet.
2) I have a tendency to be more … diplomatic than Anthony at times. (You could call it politically correct, but that would be wrong.) Therefore, a few words would be different or reworded.
That being said, I whole-heartedly agree with what he put in here. Read it. Agree or disagree, you might learn something.


The Recovering Legalist

No graphics. No fancy fonts. Just words.

Tonight my youngest daughter is going to her “homeschool” prom. Yes, home-educated kids DO have lives and opportunities for socialization. The dress she chose is a beautiful, long, white gown worthy of a princess – of which she is.

This morning I mentioned to my wife how that after all she’s been put through…all she’s had to endure…white was an appropriate choice. My wife replied, “Because Jesus makes us clean.”

Then, like a flood, all of the vitriolic comments from writers, bloggers, columnists, celebrities, and even so-called Christian youth ministers came washing over my mind. Look them up, if you like, but I’m not going to give them the courtesy of a link on my blog.

Oh, but what the heck. Here’s just two names: Selena Gomez (done with the purity ring); Rachel Held Evans (“Christians idolize virginity”). You have to go look…

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