YHWH vs BAAL: Should God Be an “Option”?

Just read it.


The Recovering Legalist

This week is our Spring Break in Chattanooga. On top of that, I have several very pressing and serious things to deal with (I could use your prayers). That is why I decided to post something a little different for today.

The following is part of a paper which was attached to a presentation I gave in a Theology of Missions class at Temple Baptist Seminary in 2012. Enjoy!


The question that needs to be asked is: did the people of Israel ever offer Yahweh as an alternative to Baal? Much of modern Christianity has resorted to offering Christ as an alternative to the gods of this world. They say, “Choose Christ,” of “Give Jesus a try.” But did the ancient followers of Yahweh do this? Did they ever consider their God one of many choices? Did they try to convince the Baal worshippers of the day that God…

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