Too deep, or not too deep…

My friend Jesse and I have many similar thoughts. I liked this thought … about deep thoughts …
Go read his blog!

The Unwinding Path

The question of “to be, or not to be?” is quite deep, and knowing how so many people today don’t want to think about anything that is deeper than football, fashion, or the latest funny movie (that, in actuality, is so gross and stupid that it is an insult to their intelligence) I thought the question of “too deep, or not too deep?” is so very applicable.

First, since I am by nature a deep thinker (which can, at times, be quite frustrating), it is difficult for me to understand why certain people cannot, or will not talk about anything that they deem to “heavy” or “deep.” In fact, those are the only things that are really worth spending words on. But before I get ahead of myself, let me first clarify that I understand that life and relationships need not be one deep conversation after another, because we must…

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