Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 07/13/2014

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Firstly, I offer to you today a sort-of-proverb:

those who have accepted Christ

do not like me

those who have responded to Christ

love being around me

The meaning behind this is simple: it is actually easy to accept a truth. People do this all the time without acting on a truth. Think of how many times we see commercials calling for us to sponsor a child or rescue a dog or cat or do something amazing. We accept that we should be doing something to help our world be better, but then we change the channel and maybe think about it again.

It is when we respond that real change begins to happen. When we respond to a call (and I am assuming a positive response), those who have not responded tend to feel guilty or envious. What do guilty and envious people do? They make excuses, they accuse, and they shun. What do those who also responded do? Get together and share stories!

That being said, here is a poem for you about what we are responding to:

i could search forever and never find
a love like that from this God of mine
He is the Creator of the universe
all things from the past through the future
He made my heart and mind and soul
and He maintains His loose yet firm control
because i searched all over and found
that my God can be found all around
He is all good things that exist
and He redeemed us all through His Son Jesus
because His love and grace so wonderful
extends to all men and women who are sinful
and means it covers every person
and therefore all of His Creation
you could search forever and also find
the greatest love is shown in Jesus Christ

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