A Response to the John MacArthur Controversy (I Can Hold My Tongue No Longer)

I would like to hear thoughts on this as well.
As for my thoughts, I agree with Kent.
Go check out his thoughts.

Spiritual Drift

As most of my readers know, I am usually loathed to wade into the fray of hot-button topics. But this one…Oh, this one.

I would have broken my jaw had I continued to bite my tongue as hard as I did on this one. I couldn’t do it. I have to speak my mind here. My more conservative brothers can feel free to disagree with me on this one, but I can’t remain silent.

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  1. Thank you, Daniel. In your comment on this post you said about your sister’s experience: “The news rocked the family, naturally, but I can thankfully say that my parents and their church were loving and grace-filled without compromising their faith, beliefs, or commitment to truth.” I applaud their strength and thank God for their grace. As you and your family can see, this love and commitment (both to family and to God) can be done…and it is not called compromise. Bravo, and give your sister my love as well!


  2. I commented on the other blog, just so you know. Just keep loving your sister.


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