Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 06/08/2014

Have a devoted love to wisdom and read the thoughts at Proverbial Thought!

Please join me in celebrating with my friends, Dr. and Mrs. Steven & Amanda Churchill! Yesterday they blessed me with the opportunity to join their lives together in holy matrimony! (It was also my first time in New Orleans, LA!)

Now that we have adequately praised God for love and covenants, please note that the poem has absolutely nothing to do with their relationship! It was simply next in the line up!

There has been a systemic problem in the Western Church for a while, one that is gradually (and thankfully) being approached once again with fervor!

There is a rampant biblical and theological illiteracy amongst the faithful in our culture. We have been creating a people blind and deaf to the things of God, giving them instead a steady diet of fluff and half-truths.

Fortunately for us, God always has a faithful remnant whom He empowers to lead in strength and wisdom. May we be such a people as we await His return!

   blind and deaf
what is the church
have we become
as blind and deaf
as everyone
whom we try
to lead to Him
Who can heal us
and forgive sin
what do we have
that is different
from this world
and all in it
are we merely
the blind leading
the blind all while
we are screaming
to a whole world
who cannot hear
and we ourselves
cannot bear
to face the truth
that we are blind
that we are deaf
and lack insight
from God above
about our state
that looks just like
a world depraved
we must stop
our calling out
to those who are
wandering about
but see ourselves
in the light of truth
and destitute
then our Lord will
send us to them
that we might lead
them straight to Him
then the blind and deaf
will see and hear
and Jesus will wipe
all of our tears

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