Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 05/25/2014

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You may have noticed that I missed a few posts in the last two weeks (since Mother’s Day). I had scheduled posts to finish out the semester a while ago, only updating the Mother’s Day video after it had been released. When the end of the semester came, I had so much going on with finals, preparing for some friends’ wedding, having another Graduate-level course from another school, and figuring out whether/how to accept an amazing job offer, that I chose to focus on all of those rather than updating. I can happily say that it is the first time in almost three and a half years that I have not posted anything! I think I can be forgiven for that!

Something else that is amazing is the poem that is for today. My education and the job offer (that truly go hand in hand) fits with this poem, for they are part of the same path that is making me a better teacher and better man of God.

I trust you will be blessed by this poem.

path of construction


many people take the wide road
a path that seems easy and fun
but what most fail to realize
is that it is the path to destruction

there is a better way to go
though it seems not for everyone
it is the straight and narrow path
which is a path of construction

this path may be harder
but it leads right to the Son
this path will tear down then build up
through many tribulations

our old lives are removed
to be replaced with new ones
that we might join the angels
in praise and jubilation

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