Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 03/23/2014

It is interesting that this poem came up this week, as my family and several friends’ families have been going through a lot of trauma. Surgeries, cancers, automobile issues, finance issues, and on and on.

A couple of times in my life I felt like God had almost abandoned me. Intellectually, I knew it was not true, but I felt empty and alone.

Perhaps you can understand what I am talking about. You just feel emotionally drained, like nothing fits and you cannot understand the most basic things in life.

That is where this poem arose. It was one of those days of just being done. Then God and I had a chat.

a dialogue with the Lord

do You really hear me
are You really moving
i cannot hear Your voice
i see almost nothing

     My Child
I am always listening.
I am waiting for You.
You have heard my call.
Just trust in My Truth.

You feel so distant
Your presence feels far
where are You O King
i want You to be my Lord

     My Child
I am never very far.
My Spirit is on the move.
Give up all You hold on to
And let Me come inside You.

  1. Me Too!


    • It seems people of prayer find so many opportunities to need Him (which is really all people almost all the time!), yet we almost welcome it. “Hello, friend! Come on in! Your place is warm and waiting.”

      I am not sure what this past two weeks to four months has been all about, but sheesh has it been a trip!


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