Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 02/09/2014

As we lead up to St. Valentine’s Day, understand living a godly life through some wisdom on the godly woman at Proverbial Thought!

It is fitting that this poem should come this week, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, because it refers to our Lord as “our Lover”.

To make sure it is understood properly, “our Lover” is not a term that means “the one with whom I have sex,” nor is it a term that means “my boyfriend/girlfriend.” He is the One who loves our souls and lives so much that He literally gave His life to ensure we could be with Him, and then He rose from the grave to prove He was God AND SO THAT He could prove it was possible to be with Him.

And that should give us peace and hope.

how can we understand

a peace beyond understanding

not at all

but our Lover promises His Peace

 and His Peace and Love

are all encompassing

our Lover offers it

to all who seek

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