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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 01/19/2014

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Lepers have always been cut off from society. Almost no one wants to touch them, and they can become social outcasts from the idea that they can transmit their disease to others.

Jesus was the only one who would touch lepers. His touch could make them whole and able to rejoin society. The change He made in them then changed how people thought and acted.

In many churches today, there is another form of leprosy that must be healed. We are a people who need to have our thoughts and actions changed.

We must turn to Jesus for this healing and change!





 have we become a nation

a people

a world

of emotional leprosy

“I don’t feel God in my life”

“I got nothing from the service”

“I cannot love anymore”

we cannot seem to feel

we cannot seem to feel God

are we emotional lepers

there is a cure

we must cut ourselves deep

we must cut ourselves to get clean

this is by doing

stop reading about acts of faith


stop wishing for miracles

be the miracle

stop praying for the world to change


and change the world the Bible

do Jesus

do God


heaven will come down

God will move in power

your leprosy will be healed