Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 12/08/2013

Stand tall in wisdom through some words from Proverbial Thought!

It is the holiday season. There are many things coming up and happening all around us.

It can be easy to get frustrated with so many things happening at once.

It can be easy to grow discouraged with so many people acting crazy.

It can be easy to become bitter in this season of joy with so many acts of selfishness committed to “get that perfect gift”.

This poem was not written because of the Christmas season, but it certainly applies!








   stand firm

how many times do we run away
from a place or situation
that is uncomfortable or hard
when we could have led someone to salvation
Jesus never said life would be easy
but that it would be difficult
and our running from everything
leaves the spiritually dead  in their rut
we must stake out our God given ground
and stand firm in the power of Christ
live out our lives in love and grace
to invite others to know what true life is like
we must stand firm in our faith
acknowledging that we are weak
but persevering for their sake
so that all may hear God speak

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