Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 12/01/2013

Repent of foolishness and find some wisdom from Proverbial Thought!

The poem today was written in a moment when I was being tempted to fall back into old sinful patterns. I recalled times when God had helped me overcome temptations and sins, and I remembered many of things found in the Bible about faith, temptation, and obedience to God.

i keep on doing what i want
instead of seeking out Your Heart
why do i do what i hate
knowing that You are the only way
i pray for my heart to mend
but do i truly repent
i need You to help me learn
to show my heart to be sure
of Your reigning Lordship
help me to believe it
fill me with Your Spirit and love
to feel that of You i never have enough
guide my every step and thought
teach my heart to bow in awe
thank You for Your holy grace
for forgiving me every day
thank You for loving this wayward son
and showing me Your matchless love

  1. December 3rd, 2013

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