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Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 11/10/2013

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A danger in the life of the Christian is that we still live within our sinful flesh. This means we will have those times when we succumb to our sinful nature.

When we sin, as believers, where do we turn?

The poem today is about that very thing. We must always remember to turn to our Lord in repentance, seek His grace anew, and continue in His holiness.

Praise His name for that grace and holiness!

they call it stumbling
slipping in our faith
but it feels like failing
falling out of grace

we do not want to stray
to break this covenant
we struggle every day
trying hard to repent

we have heard Your words
Be holy as I am Holy
which makes it really hurt
when we act ungodly

yet there is a Way
a Man that offers help
His Spirit helps sway
our minds out of hell

we need assistance
that comes when we pray
finding repentance
by seeking His face

stumbling will happen
our flesh will betray
but by the power of the Son
we have victory