Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 10/13/2013

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Perhaps you have heard that time happens in cycles. Everyone goes through cycles. The earth goes through cycles. Our lives go through cycles. The writer of Ecclesiastes pointed this out 3000 years ago (and chapter 3 was made into a song by “The Byrds” in 1965!)

One of the cycles that is evident throughout history is God doing something amazing, people glorifying Him, and then people falling away from God. This happens in many ways, and the most prevalent in the past 2000 years is focusing too much on rules and regulations within the Church/Judaism.

Therefore, we must always go back to the beginning: GOD. In Jesus Christ, the firstfruits of the new righteousness (1 Corinthians 15), we always have a fresh start. May we seek Him first and always.


there is a new thing

God is doing something new

He is going back to the beginning

starting with what looks old

God is sick of the religion

that proliferates His Body

the new thing now needs to come

to bring us back to God

it is time to abandon

everything that gets in the way

it is time to turn to the Son

and His grace and peace

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