Hamsters & Freedom

I so enjoy that a hamster has the name of “Cheese”. Also, Nick makes a great connection about our real and perceived freedom. Go read about it!

Ebs and Flows...

My 8 year old niece has a hamster called Cheese. Cheese has stayed at our house a few times now but the first time will always be remembered. About three o’clock in the morning I woke up to some scratching in our bedroom. We got up and flicked the lights on and there was Cheese, bold as brass, in the middle of the room. He had got out of his cage, jumped off the three foot high side board, scaled the stairs and made his way in to our room. He apparently liked us so much that he used his freedom to come find us!

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  1. Apparently the full name is Mozzarella Cheese Sawdust! Thanks for the reblog. I just noticed we didn’t have a link to you from Ebs so that has now been rectified!


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