You’ve Got Mail

Do you wish God would speak to you?
How often do you speak with Him … WITH Him?
Go see David’s words over at Ebs and Flows.

Ebs and Flows...

On Friday 26 October 1973 my father dropped me at Heathrow Airport and I flew to Sweden to join my first ship. My parents had to wait for a letter to confirm that their sixteen-year old son had arrived safely. That probably took about a week to arrive. Today I would just send a text, or an email, or use my mobile phone to call home. But writing letters and waiting for a reply was normal before the advent of modern communications.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog Daniel


    • The pleasure is all mine! It was elegantly written, and therefore powerful.


      • Thank you – the idea came out of a blog by Jon Swanson. It was good to read through some of those old letters again. And I found the Order of Service from our wedding in with them!


      • That is amazing! May you have another 34 years together, and may your walk with the Lord grow ever deeper!


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