Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 02/24/2013

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This month of Weekend Words has had a focus on overcoming by the work accomplished through Jesus Christ for the glory of God. What better way to end the month than praising our Lord for His work!

Jesus is Lord   

Who has saved us?
By Whose Name are we redeemed?
It is the Lord!
Jesus the Christ, our King!
His life was perfect,
Fulfilling the Law and the Prophets,
All that was said
Including His horrible death.
But what came of it?
“Hosanna!” fulfilled in Him!
Forgiveness dished;
Salvation from a life of sin!
And hallelujah!
Three days later He is risen!
Our Lord conquered death!
He is alive and lives again!
Praise the Lord!
Through His death and Resurrection
We too have a hope
Of seeing Him Who is in Heaven!
Let us proclaim,
Run up and down the streets,
“Jesus is Lord!
He ever was and ever will be!
Bow down to the King!
Praise His Name forevermore!
Let all who do not know hear
Our Jesus is Lord!”

  1. Let all the earth sing
    to a Lion gentle and kind
    the King of Kings
    who holds us next to His heart all the time
    Sing children Sing!


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