Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 02/03/2013

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Do you have struggles? Are there things that come between you and your relationship with God? Do you feel tempted by things that should not be temptations or simply seem too strong to beat?

Good news! There is hope!

God is the only One who can help. If we trust in Him, He can help us overcome. If we do not trust Him, He may still help us overcome!

This poem was written in August of 2007, when I was still living at United Christian Youth Camp on borrowed time! I just wanted something to happen that would either get me work or get somewhere useful! I began to realize I may have been letting my ambitions and desire to do something come between me and God.

i have temptations

i have temptations
that i deal with daily
i have struggles
that i let defeat me
i have many problems
that seem to be too large
i have giants around me
that taunt and barrage

but my God comes in
and He changes me
my God comes to me
and sets my mind free
my heart
my soul

i have temptations
that God saves me from
i have struggles
that strengthen my resolve
i have many problems
that seem to recede
i have giants around me
that with God i can defeat

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