Pastor Baker makes a great point with solid arguments. I reblog this so that I do not have to write it! As has been said in many places by many people, “‘Nuff said.”

The Recovering Legalist


The following post contains GRAPHIC language and material and is NOT suitable for all ages.


In April of 1945 the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald was liberated. Just outside the camp were German civilians who refused to believe the atrocities they were told of actually happened. Therefore, something had to be done.

On April 15 allied soldier brought the residents of the surrounding community inside the camp for a tour. It took actually seeing the corpses of dead Jews, stacked like wood, for them to believe what they had heard. The average response was, “We didn’t know.”

Buchenwald01As we look back on those horrendous days, we find it hard to believe that the citizens of Buchenwald could actually go about their daily lives and never know anything about what went on inside those death camps. Yet, 40 years ago today, a virtual death camp was erected into law, the results…

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  1. This was a tough sermon to preach (I covered a lot more in person, along with Scriptural reasons for opposing abortion), and a tough blog piece to write. It was not only disturbing, but depressing in that so many Christians still feel like it’s a matter of personal choice. They say, “I don’t personally believe in abortion, but…” What nonsense! And because I take such a stand, I will suffer for it, as will others. No matter. I am on God’s side.

    Thanks for the re-post, Daniel.


    • I have been finding it increasingly easy to share this sort of message with others. I do not always prefer the scenario in which it plays out (because it is clear someone is uncomfortable), but my delivery has been getting smoother and more compassionate-sounding.


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