Happy Anniversary, a simple man of God!

For some of you, it is already tomorrow when I post this. For others, it is tomorrow when you read this. For a few people, it might still be today.

You see, it was two years ago, on January 18, 2011, that I created this blog, a simple man of God.

When I look at the number of journals and pre-blogs I have done over the years that were kept up faithfully for a few months each before eventually not being used at all (such as over at LiveJournal and Xanga), it is amazing to see how faithful I have become to maintaining something on a regular basis and maintaining a solid dedication to the Gospel of Christ.

I offer my thanks to each of my (currently) 72 followers, all who have commented and shared, and everyone who has said a special prayer for me. I thank those who have written posts for me (especially to help me rest!).

I also thank the men at Proverbial Thought for their dedication and giving me yet another outlet, while they continue to encourage me and lift me up in Christ.

I especially thank our Lord and God for His faithfulness, grace, peace, and love!

Finally, I promise that post I am writing is coming along. I feel it shall not make it up until this coming Tuesday!


Daniel M. Klem

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