Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 12/23/2012

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After the last two weeks, I am continuing this little poetry series on listening. It is really fitting for Christmas.

About 2000 years ago, God knew few were listening to Him whenever He spoke. Therefore, He came as a baby to grow up and speak with us personally. This baby became a Man, Jesus of Nazareth, who taught us how to listen better to God, and He sent the Holy Spirit to help us.

Are you listening this Christmas? Do you hear the call of the Savior?

talk with

talk to people
and they will shame you
talk to children
and they will not listen
talk to God
and He will listen
but He may not move
talk with people
and you have friends
talk with children
and they behave
talk with God
and He will listen
and help you move

Taken from deeper words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m  klem, page 246.

  1. I given myself over to, in the past several years, to talking to God only within the past two years I have been really learning to listen to Him, Amen. Daniel to you and all your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we grow in our Lord, Amen!


    • It took me several years, as well. It took too many wanderings to finally get through to me how messed up I really am and how much I need to really listen. Two years of my life were some of the worst, because I chose to only sort of listen to God.
      Merry Christmas! May the new Year be a joy and a blessing to you (however that may look)!


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