Reblog: The Church of No People – I Don’t Have a Relationship, I Have Rules

Matt Appling is at it again over at his blog The Church of No People. I spent the better part of a year living by the rule “I don’t have a religion, I have a relationship!” To see roughly (probably even exactly) where I stand today, you can read my post from last year here, or head on over to Matt’s site and read his words:

I Don’t Have a Relationship, I Have Rules

Christians like to say that we have “relationship.”relationship

Not rules.

Not religion.

While “rules” or “religion” have connotations of stuffy, outdated, legalistic, overbearing control, relationship seems to open and inviting, doesn’t it? While the former might carry the image of an angry nun with a ruler, ready to rap your knuckles, the latter looks like Jesus holding his arms out for a big bear hug.

If there’s one phrase modern Christianity has embraced, it’s that one.  We have moved past religion, and now we have relationship.

And I wonder how much damage that phrase has caused to the relationship we have with God.

Continue reading over at Matt’s Church of No People …

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