Faith without works is dead. Are you even in the boat?
Check out these words from Mike, the current guest blogger over at Ebs and Flows.

Ebs and Flows...


Today we have a new writer but a familiar face. Anyone who has followed the blog from the start may remember Mike who drew some pretty awesome artwork for the blogs. He has now written a number of blogs which will be appearing over the coming weeks. It appears he is as good with words as he is pictures!

There’s a well known phrase in Christian circles that references Jesus’ miraculous walk on the water and goes “if you want to walk on water then you’ve got to get out of the boat.” Whilst I agree with the sentiment of this statement, I think that we could take it a step further back and say that you first need to get into the boat!

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  1. Some people do not even know where the boat is, I believe I help them to find the boat and sometimes I even push them out of the boat. Sink swim or walk you are in the Father’s Hands. Very good post. thank-you for the reblog! Amen!


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