A beautiful prayer. As I reblog this, it is after 3:30 in the morning. I have been sick, and I have missed work. I just had some crazy dreams, and this prayer was waiting for me in my inbox. Thank God that Bob Blincoe of Frontiers was listening to God!

Bob Blincoe

O Loving Christ, who did tell the man Zacchaeus to look into Thy face until he desired God, until Thy loving-kindness was better to him than the greed that was ruining his relationships, come to this place, let us behold Thee, Jesus Christ, for we too are much in need of desiring God; and O holy Christ, who did restore the adulterous woman by Thy forgiveness and by Thy gracious invitation to begin again uncondemned, minister Thy healing words today, for Thy loving-kindness is better than sexual anarchy.

O nail-pierced Christ, who did hear the prayer of the penitent when Thou wert dying on the cross, and did take the thief to paradise with Thy dying breath, minister from the depths of Thy love to us in this place, for Thy loving-kindess is better than dying angry. O Christ, Son of God, who did appeal to Thy Father that final…

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  1. Thanks for reposting this. It was really good.


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