This last weekend I was on a men’s church retreat. We were challenged as men: as fathers, as sons, as husbands, as soldiers for Christ, and most importantly as adopted sons of the Most High.
This blogging friend of mine wrote something along the same lines (and it includes Star Trek references!), and it is amazing.
Read his entry and then check out more of his blog. You will be greatly pleased and blessed that you did.


For a large chunk of my life I have been a huge fan of Star Trek.  All the way from the early Star Trek episodes  (James T Kirk and crew) thru the latest Star Trek movie (although some of the scenes were pushing limits and a little weird).  One of my favorite scenes is from Star Trek- The Next Generation. I loved it when Jean Luc was on the bridge and they were about to embark on a new adventure.  He would boldly proclaim the course and speed of the USS Enterprise.  Laying in the course for those who followed him.  He would then proudly proclaim “Engage” and off they would go on a grand adventure.  What a wonderful symbol of leadership and confidence.  Calmly and confidently leading his crew into the great unknown of the universe.  Those around him caught up in his courage and ready to face the unknown- sure…

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  1. Dan, there is an organisation in the UK called Christian Vision for Men ( This year they released a 12-point for men. If you are interested the link is:

    • That is good stuff! Thanks for sharing, David. I always enjoy seeing ways men (and women!) can strengthen and encourage each other in the Lord.

      • CVM is opening in Canada this year – I don’t know if they have looked at the US yet. We have run two CVM days for men in our church, with another scheduled for November 2012. In June there is an event called The Gathering which I have foolishly signed up for (it is under canvas) where they reckon on having at least 800 men from across the country attend for the weekend. Two guys from our church went to the first one last year and said it is was brilliant. CVM provide good support to our Men’s Ministry.

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