Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 04/22/2012

I worked at a Sign*A*Rama when my brother turned 21. This is important, because one of my co-workers was the brother of the marketing director at the local arena where our local hockey team played. My brother enjoys a good game of hockey, and my co-worker’s sister was able to work out a deal for me to get four tickets to a game. This game had a concert afterward by American English, a Beatles tribute band. As a fan of The Beatles, I made sure I went to the game with him. It was a blast, and I wrote this poem after hearing the classic Hey, Jude. It is the first of two poems based on the book of Jude. Go read the one chapter book, right now.

Hey, Jude

Hey, Jude.
I know of people around me.
They lift themselves by flattering.
They are godless and petty.
I confess I, too, can be this way.
I have tried to get better, see.
Hey, Jude.
Pray for me that I can change.
Pray I love those that are the same.
Ask the Sovereign to call our names.
We need help to lift Him, not us.
We need help for our tongues to tame.
Hey, Jude.
Thank you for reminding us.
God has used you to speak truth.
He will remind of godlessness
That has blocked our faith,
But we can renew the trust.
Hey, Jude.
The next time we speak together
It can be a blessing for both.
We’ll discuss the salvation we share.
We’ll share in our brotherhood.
We and Christ will be there.
Thanks, Jude.

Taken fromdeeper words for God from a simple man of Godby daniel m  klem, page 52.

    • catholicboyrichard
    • April 22nd, 2012

    I like everything you ever share. I mean that totally. You even sound a bit “catholic” here, asking Jude to pray for us. And I know that he will:).

    • I have had a few friends tell me how “Catholic” I sounded with this one. I actually think that this poem (and the follow-up found in the same book) helped me with understanding the Catholic prayer life. Until 2007, I had inherited the distrust and added a hatred of the Catholic Church, even as a believer in Jesus Christ. That year I began to allow God to truly break my heart for all people, and through that I began to long for the union between all denominations and churches – all of God’s children and servants.

        • catholicboyrichard
        • April 22nd, 2012

        That is called “growing in grace.” And you are one of the most grace-filled persons I have met online. God bless you this day.

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