Passion Week Briefly

How fortunate are you?!  Today is my first entry over at Proverbial Thought, and I wrote a new poem this week. I actually wrote it on Palm Sunday, which this year fell on April 1, 2012.

Passion Week Briefly
daniel m  klem

Celebrated and welcomed as Messiah and King
Worthy of worship and praises to sing
Ushered into the city by adoring crowds
Nothing could keep them from praising in voices loud
Until a few days later they called for His life
They had the King of the Jews beaten and crucified
The One welcomed days ago with happy and open arms
Opened His arms for the forgiveness of those causing His harm
Quickly His death came after a few short hours
But only three days later He showed His real power
Being killed on a cross and buried in the ground
Could not stop the Son of God     Death could not keep Him down
The triumphal entry just a mere week before
Can not compare to seeing the Resurrected Lord!

As we celebrate this week the great life, death, and resurrection of our God and Lord, may we remember that it was our sin which caused the need for Him to come. It was our sin which held Him on the cross. It was our sin that killed the Son of Man.

May we also remember that it was God’s love that He came to us. It was God’s love that He willingly endured the cross. It was God who removed our sin and lives forever!

He deserves our love and praise. He deserves our lives. He deserves it all!

He is risen!

  1. Amen!

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