I Would Take Her Thorn – Reblog

My wonderful wife helped me by sending me this entry from The Better Mom. It goes perfectly with the topic this week. Enjoy.

I Would Take Her Thorn

March 21, 2012  By Kara Chupp

Her shoulders rise and fall as
she shuffles towards me.
Backpack is dragging with more
weight than usual.

A hard day at school.
She tries to smile.
Tries to say…
Hi Mom
But the words are choked out by
a sob that snatches them–

My own eyes start to sting.
My own heart starts to pound.
Pulse with pain.
For this child that I love
So deeply.

This child whose hurt
I would rub clean,
Wash clear away if I could.

I pull her near,
A little tighter.
Whisper my love,

I pray she will feel His love,
A little stronger.
That He will speak His love to her,
His perfect love.

I know He’s using these hurts to draw her to Him.
But I would take her thorn if I could.

I can thank Him for the pain that has pulled me closer.
But thank Him for her hurt?
For her tears?
I want to grab her and run–
Her far away from all of these 10-year-old-heartaches.

But I know–
That He knows her.
He made her.
He loves her.
That all this helps her find her footing
In Him.

So…I will be thankful.
For the hurt that makes her more compassionate.
For the struggle that makes her more persistent.
For the pain that makes her need Him

  1. March 27th, 2012

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