Weekend Words & Sunday Stanzas – 03/18/2012

Winning others for any cause takes good leadership. Usually, the best way is servant-leadership. Here is one idea of what leadership can look like:

What is leadership?

What is leadership?
First, let go and let God

Give up and let God in control

Second, grab hold and let God

Let God guide your life
Take control through Christ

Third, step up and let God

Find friends in Christ
Help each other move
Grow in God together

Fourth, step out and let God

Move out of your comfort zone
Take a friend with you
Reach out to those without
Talk with them about Christ

What is leadership?

Trusting God
Sharing His Word
Loving on others
Diving headfirst
Running towards God
Bringing others

Taken from deeper words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m  klem, page 47.

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