Autistic poems

My last post was not the only thing to come to mind while at the Rock & Worship Roadshow. Two acrostic poems also came to mind. This week, you get more poems! You are so fortunate!


Amazing life
Unexpected blessing
Totally capable, yet
In need of assistance
Simple in understanding, with
Tremendous potential
Inate curiosity
Curiouser approach to life

Childhood made difficult
Hindered, but not stopped
Inhibited, but empowered
Lovable and
Deserving of our love


Ability in Christ for good, but
Underperforming faith
Trying in our own power
Insufferably fighting,
Struggling against God, yet
Trusting His hands
In need of His grace
Comforted by His voice

Forgiven completely, but
At times we forget
In need of His help with
Taking up our cross
Healing only if we trust Him

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