The Paradox of Man

Humans are a paradox. Clear and simple, we have the capability of being the greatest and the least of all of Creation. Neither angels nor animals while also both angles and animals.

How can this be?

Animals are neither given a choice nor a promise of a destination after life. They can appear kind and loving or evil and violent. However, their reactions to this world and us are wholly dependent on our sinful decisions or righteous answers. Since Adam and Eve made the decision to disobey God animals have been stuck in the middle of our dichotic insanity of thoughts and actions towards God and each other. Really, they have no choice. We have created this hell for them … and ourselves.

Angels are far superior to animals. They were given the choice to worship God or deny Him. Many angels worship God and do His bidding. They are the stewards of His Will in the heavenly realms and on Earth. The angels were created perfect, but if their choice (such as Lucifer’s) is to deny His sovereignty then they are condemned with no possibility of parole. They are free to roam and terrorize on the Earth for the time being. They are stuck with the knowledge that they have defied God and are at the same time exempt from salvation. They have become jealous of the obedient and the humans.

Humans, then, are the paradox of these Creations. Like the angels, we have been given a choice. Like the animals, we live in a world torn with the consequences – good and bad – of our choices. Something we are offered that these others are not is grace. We are offered forgiveness. We are offered divine intervention. All of this is through Jesus Christ. Through Christ we have the ultimate choice: Follow the example of Adam or follow the example of Christ.

Do we choose to make our own rules or bow to the will of God? Do we choose to gratify ourselves or seek the things of God? Do we choose to love ourselves or
love the One who first loved us?

This is why we are a paradox. Through our choices we have the potential to be no greater than the lowliest animals or no less than the highest of angels. We can act like a virus which uses and destroys, or we can act like the Son of God who invites us to reign with Him.

Why would God allow such a creature to exist? Why allow such a being which can choose to love Him and yet deny Him within the same breath? Why tolerate us?

For the same reason a husband and wife strive for children. For the same reason a friend defends and rebukes. For the same reason a mother and father hug their child who just ran away from home. For the same reason a little girl holds tightly to an injured animal. For the same reason a little boy rolls in the mud with his puppy. For the same reason his parents let him.


Love is the ultimate paradox. Love says “Do not!” while saying “Please, do!” Love says “Come find me” while saying “I am always looking for you!” Love says “I am angry with you!” while saying “I am always here for you.”

God loves us so much that He has said “I do not like a lot of the things you do, but I will help you find me. I want you with me, but you cannot be with me as
you are. I want you so much that I let you do whatever you want, but I love you so much that I came to find you and show you what I want you to do. I love you so much that I took the penalty for your decision to refuse me. I love you so much that I am still among you to help you learn to make the right choices. I love you so much that I am coming back for you.”

God loves us so much that he made the choice – if you can call it that – to redeem our choices. He became the anti-paradox, not to cancel us out entirely but to cancel our rebellion. God loves us so much that He leaves the final choice to us.

How do you choose? Less than an animal or greater than the angels?

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on this,and the way you used the analogy of a “parent.” We do strive to have children, not machines. I could go to Toys-R-Us and find a very obedient child that only needed batteries. But by God’s design, He gives us children who can break our hearts as quickly as they can bring joy. And when our children do break our hearts, causing us to struggle with love and forgiveness, we should be reminded that we are part of the “family of God, ” and “sons” with whom He wants to invite “home.”

    • I really like the comment about Toys R Us!
      I actually wrote this about 8 years ago. I had not had a serious relationship for a while, I was nowhere near having children of my own, and I was in the middle of working more hours than I really should have between two jobs. I defnitely chalk this up God working. You also make a great connection between our earthly families and our eternal Family.
      Thanks for commenting!

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