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Shout to the Lord

I was listening to the radio this morning, and a version of a song that has played during many important times in my life played. When I first knelt down (literally) before God, each time (three major instances) I committed my life to God, the moment I heard His calling on my life, and several other times something major was happening in my life, this song was playing.

I thought I would share the lyrics with you today!

Shout to the Lord

My Jesus, my Savior,
Lord, there is none like You.
All of my days
I want to praise
The wonders of Your mighty love.

My comfort, my shelter,
Tower of refuge and strength;
Let every breath,
all that I am
Never cease to worship You.

Shout to the Lord, all the earth let us sing.
Power and majesty, praise to the King;
Mountains bow down and the seas will roar
At the sound of Your name.
I sing for joy at the work of Your hands,
Forever I’ll love You, forever I’ll stand,
Nothing compares to the promise I have in You.


I greatly enjoy this little song. I hope it blesses you today! <– Insyderz version <– Lincoln Brewster version <– Darlene Zschech version