What Religion Do You Follow?

Everybody follows a form of orthodoxy and religion.

Religion I have covered previously. Orthodoxy means right thinking or correct thinking. Therefore, if you are orthodox, you have a way of thinking that is correct.

Most people claim to have some form of truth … except of course for all the post-modern thinkers who claim there is no absolute truth. (Seriously think about that. They make an absolute claim there are no absolutes.)

Are you a Secular Humanist? Is humanity the highest form of life on Earth after millions and billions of years of evolution?

Are you a Theistic Humanist? Is humanity the highest form of life on Earth because a deity created us or effected evolutionary processes to get to us?

Are you an Atheist? Is there no possibility that there is deity of any sort?

Are you an Agnostic? Is there a possibility of a deity, but anything is possible?

Are you Muslim? Is Mohammed the last true Prophet?

Are you Jewish? Are certain things Kosher and others not?

Are you Christian? Is Jesus of Nazareth the Son of God?

What do some of these have to do with orthodoxy and religion?

Everybody who follows any of these has to put a faith in the parts they do not understand or for which they do not have empirical proof.

We do not have missing links for evolution, so faith is needed.

There is no proof denying the existence of God, but there is no empirical evidence of most biblical miracles. Again, faith is needed.

Many hold claim to truth, all offer proof of what they hold to be true (or hold some things to prove nothing can be proven), and all have to start with an idea of what they hold to be true or should be true. This means we all need some faith to believe what we hold to be true.

What we believe to be right (orthodoxy) shapes what guides our decisions and actions (religion/orthopraxy) which define the way we interact with life.

And now for an in-your-face, controversial statement:

If you claim to not have an orthodoxy and/or religion, you are a liar and a hypocrite.

    • peddiebill
    • May 17th, 2011

    This is far more judgmental than Jesus was! Remember the time he said – when did we see you hungry? And the answer indicated that anyone who showed compassion was in line with what Jesus required of them. By your scatter-gun attack on everyone who is not orthodox (which presumably includes you!)
    you leave us with only three Churches to choose from all of which make good claim to be orthodox – ie Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic…. whereas you come across as being common garden fundamentalist – I would even guess Baptist – who are definitely non orthodox in that they are very selective in which parts of the Bible they follow eg your attack on Kosher – which of course is an attack on Old Testament teaching and all Jews – Jesus was a Jew. No room for Samaritans in your world – unlike the attitudes of Jesus. Dont forget that many atheists and agnostics are that way because they have listened to so much twaddle eg a young earth despite the evidence from science that it most definitely is not. Give me progressive Christianity anyday because then I dont have to hang up my brain with my hat at the door.

    • A) Thanks for commenting!
      B) I respectfully request you look again at the definition I offered for orthodoxy (literally “correct thought” or “truthful thinking” or whatever combination of synonyms you prefer) and I will use the phrase “tongue-in-cheek” for this post. Also see my post “I Love/Hate Religion” to see where I am coming from in terms of “religion”.
      C) My whole argument is that everyone believes something. Everyone has a set of rules or guidelines that shape their outlook and actions in life. Using a definition for “religion” of “a personal set or institutionalized system of attitudes, beliefs, and practices,” then every person has a form of religion to guide them. For the atheist it is “There is no god or afterlife. All we have is this Universe and this life.” This will shape how they approach life in general. Likewise, most Christians hold that Jesus provided a way to guarantee eternal life in Heaven (or something like that). This frequently, though not always, changes the way they approach life over that of the atheist. The same can be said about other religions’ beliefs and practices and the adherents’ approaches to life.

      Again, this is mostly tongue in cheek, and I am just trying to point out that our understandings of words’ meanings frequently change.

    • I started a comment… but in order to not contradict what my other comment said, I’ve decided not to post it. :]

      Good post, danklemitis.

      • Ha ha! That is probably a good idea.

        Thanks for commenting!

  1. Klem,

    I claim to not personally own my orthodoxy and religion. It doesn’t come from me, it does not rely on my fallible mind or interpretation. Instead it relies on the democracy of the dead, 2000 years of democracy…tradition of the Catholic Church.

    – Semper veniunt ut servus.

    • I like your word choice. Many problems today stem from either taking ownership of beliefs without understanding them or not understanding history, tradition, and/or their own presuppostions/biases.

      At least you acknowledge that you do not have it all figured out! You are willing to accept that there are others who have put in the thought and time to attempt to understand what they believe and then share it with others. Knowing you personally I also know that you do not just take things at face value. You seek to gain some understanding of who, what, when, where, and why these beliefs are held.

      If more people took the time to research and learn instead of just taking the face value of things and ideas, we would have a much greater understanding of each other. It may not end disagreements and wars, but there would probably be more civility between people of differing beliefs!

  2. You would be surprised how much easier it is to talk to someone that is wrong…but looking for the truth compared to someone who thinks they right and is just looking to prove themselves right.

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