Special Friday

For this Friday, I posting two of the poems from my first book. You will catch the reason why I posted these.

daniel m  klem

the bottom of the hill
the sun goes black
in the eighth hour
three structures
one man per structure
each with his arms outstretched
the One in the middle did nothing
closing in on the ninth hour
the Man asks for a drink
i place a sponge soaked with vinegar on a stick
offering Him His drink as He dies
i break down grief-stricken

Taken from the book simple words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m klem, p. 61.

it means something
daniel m  klem

i remember the death
and remember suffering
but i can see more
than just the bad things
the cross gave freedom
when He is burdened
He carried all this sin
and will until the end
the cross reminds me
He died to save us
and that i can trust
in the living Jesus

Taken from the book simple words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m klem, p. 159.

I pray you remember what our Lord has done for us on the day we celebrate today. I pray you remember that He is indeed alive again!

Grace and Peace.


  1. Yes! What an awesome God and an amazing gift He gave us.


  2. Great poem; great post; great timing! To many, the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ has been made to seem simplistic. However, the beautiful web weaved through the Old and New Testaments show the divine intricacies of the mystery that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! This realization is only fully achieved by those who have shared in HIS death and resurrection.

    Great post!

    P.S., So you have a book? How would I procure a copy of this?

    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend Daniel!

    In Jesus Christ,



    • Thank you, and amen and Amen!

      I do have a book. Two actually. They are many of the poems I have written since 2001 (when I started writing poetry in my senior year English class as a young believer). simple words for God from a simple man of God is many of those written between 2001 and early 2007 (I lost several) and published July of ’07. The second book, deeper words for God from a simple man of God, is poems, personal qoutes, and parables/analogies, written in 2007 and published in 2008. I am spending the rest of this year posting poems from simple words on Sundays and holidays. Next year I will post items from deeper words.

      I believe I have links on here to each book, but by going to http://www.publishamerica.net and searching for “daniel m klem” you can find both of them. For poetry, they are kind of expensive.


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