Weekend Words and Sunday Stanzas – 04/17/2011

It is Palm Sunday! The celebration of the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem of Jesus to start His Passion Week!

How about something that considers the majesty of God:

God can be found

daniel m  klem

from the farthest galaxy in the universe
down to the smallest insignificant quark
from the most memorable bible verse
to the most outstanding missionary work
from the tallest and highest mountain peak
to the deepest gulch in the vast abyss
from the smallest creature that is frail and weak
to the strongest monster of both man and fish
from the smallest newborn baby in all time
to the greatest man that has ever been
God can be found in every reason with rhyme
and is working from without and within

Taken from the book simple words for God from a simple man of God by daniel m klem, p. 112.

  1. Wonderful prose…and so much to ponder. God does work in and through all things. Your words mean even more considering that we are in the family of the most high God!



    • This is one of my favorites. I should probably post a link to my first two books of poetry! This one came from the first, “simple words for God from a simple man of God”.

      Thanks for the compliment, but I believe most of the good poems come straight from Him, anyway! All glory to God!

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