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Some Christians are gayI have been reading a lot of blogs recently all asking many similar questions and treading on dangerous theological grounds.

My turn!

Born a certain way

We hear the common argument for lifestyles, behaviors, and other issues that are attributed to sin or not wanting to do something of “But I was born this way.” The most vocal people using this argument right now are homosexuals. Can we accept this argument? We do not see any genetic reason that this is true (but maybe we could?). If we are born into sin, then is it not possible to be born gay? I do not agree that trans-gendered individuals or cross-dressers can use this argument. The claim then becomes “God made a mistake with me, so I am getting back into His will.”

I am sorry, but if God made a mistake about that opens up the possibility nothing is really true. If that is true, then Jesus’ words (“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”) are not true and Scripture is wrong. To claim to believe that God made a mistake with you contradicts God’s word.

But what about homosexuality or addictions or various sinful behaviors?

Sinners’ Prayers are not answered

One thing I have heard frequently in my life is that God does not listen to the prayers of sinners (meaning those who have not “accepted Christ” or something like that). My theological world has been rocked many times in the past year, and one area where this has happened is with this very issue.

I know someone who “prayed the prayer of salvation” years ago. This person was baptized. A couple years after being baptized, this person went off to college and began dating people … wait for it … of the SAME gender! I was sure this loved one was now on a sure road to Hell.

This past summer (2010), this person was in desperate need and prayed to God for help.

He answered that prayer. That prayer was answered in amazing ways. How can this be?

Calvinist Elect or God’s Grace?

I have never been a full-fledged Calvinist. In fact, I learned over the past few years that I was more Arminian than Calvinist. One thing I have always believed is that God’s grace is greater than anything I can understand.

Why were these prayers answered? Is this person one of God’s elect? What does that even mean?

This event did remind me of something else, however.

This Christian Sinner was redeemed

A few years back I was in a relationship that I allowed to come between God and me. I became more of a sinner than I was before Christ found me. (There is a sentence full of theological conversation starters!) I broke promises I had made to myself and God and others. My fruit was decidedly not of the Spirit. I have stories that almost embarrass me today.

But God brought be back. He answered many of my prayers during that period of my life.

If He listened to me, why not others?

Is homosexuality a bad enough sin that it can separate someone who believes from contact with God? What about gambling, drunkenness, promiscuity, being a politician, vegetarianism, pornography, or whatever?

1 John – and even Galatians 5 – talks about not having God in us or missing out on the Kingdom if we keep on sinning. It can be quite confusing.

Any thoughts on this? Am I getting to heretical, or is it entirely possible that God will still save those of us who adopt different lifestyles and sins?

    • jkbwho07
    • March 21st, 2011

    My take: God clearly states that marriage is between a woman and a man and that homosexuality is wrong. As christians we should spend our lives trying to avoid sin. We should not sin with the thought that God will forgive us later.


    • I have definitely seen the problem of the lack of teaching (both in the Catholic Church with Confession and Penance and in Protestantism in general) about “stop sinning!” Yeah, we are forgiven, but what about Jesus’ command after every person He spoke to: “Go and sin no more.”


    • Connor Foley
    • March 21st, 2011

    I’m just shooting from my hip, or flying by the seat of my pants but I see what you’re saying. Could God ‘create’ a gay person? I don’t think he would make a person gay necessarily, but we are all born into sin. I am. You are. We both will struggle with different sins, just as everyone else will. So while we make this huge deal out of the gay community, we also then need to look at ourselves. We all have sin, and we all need to deal with it. Matthew 16:24 states: Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” We are called to deny ourselves. A homosexual lifestyle should not continue to persist in light of a relationship with God. No sin should truly continue to exist and dominate our lives. We are new creations in Him. We are called to be as He is.


    • Oh! So what you are saying is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself”, correct?



    • Macdaddy
    • March 22nd, 2011

    Total depravity in the truest sense refers to ones inability to come into a relationship with God, by our own violtion . More simply stated unless the Spirit draws us to come we will not come. According to the Text ( Word of God, as containtained in the 66 canonical books of the O.T and N.T. ) mankind is born with this inherent proclivity not just towards evil, but a sense of selfishnesss. The ” best” of individual with thier seemingly selfless acts, internally does it for some type of self fufillment or wanting to make themselves feel good. The only truly selfless act i can recollect is the sacrifice Jesus Christ did on Calvary.
    I digress back to the issue of homosexuality. The sinful nature that we have inherited from good ole dad Adam shows up in a variety of ways. mankind is prone towards evil behavior, whether that is lust, hatred, anger, malice, or gluttony. I was born this way. One has to ask does ise Atoning work of Christ sufficent to break the power of sin. I say yes. Though we are born with the proclivity to sin in many areas , through the death and subsequent reserection of Christ the power of sin and the sting of death is gone. (1 Cor. 15 ). Lets preach christ and christ crucified. Lets love the sinner and pray that they experience the life changing grace of Jesus.


    • Quite right, but can they still get to Heaven? (Were they saved to begin with?) Paul addressed similar issues (Romans, specifically chapters 6 and 7, for example). It sure raises a lot of questions that we may not find the answers to until eternity.


    • Macdaddy
    • March 22nd, 2011

    Do we need a refresher on the essence of regeneration Professor Klem. Too many people get regeneration and santication confused. Sanctification or as I like to call it- conformity to God”s Holy standards as laid out in His Holy Word. Regeneration is an instantaneous act of the Holy Spirit in ones life. As Foley has pointed out so eloquently, a regenerated life will be mared by holiness and a heart that strives to follow all His commands. The qustion you pose: Can a homosexual find themselves inside God” eternal kingdom. ? A practicing homosexual who believes his/her lifestyle can be reconciled with God’s Word and the teaching of Scriture. I would answer no- but again I am not omniscient.
    A person struggling thier whole life with feelings for the opposite sex that seeks Godly wisdom and desires to have pure thoughts and wants to be holy. I believe they will enter His kingdom. Sola Gratia.


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