Hello world!

I have finally started my own blog! Hopefully it is God writing through me and not just me as I hope to tackle a wide range of things biblically, theologically (which can be different!), and within life in general.

Like others (such as John Correia! who encouraged me and explained my feelings rather well in his first blog post), I resisted starting since there are so many people with blogs today (WordPress told me there are about 500,000 users here alone!), and it seems like anything I would have to say would have already been said and probably more eloquently (or hilariously, like the Church of No People, or even from people who may have more formal training like John and the others at the Free Grace Alliance … which would be nice if they would let me be a part … ::wink wink nudge nudge cough cough:: … yeah, I have a cold at the moment). These and many others really force me to think about a lot of things, and I hope I do the same to others.

My goal is to offer a weekly topic in which I throw around a bunch of ideas that get us all thinking. I can guarantee that I will fall on certain sides of topics in which others will disagree with me, and I promise that I will occasionally say something that will be taken completely the wrong way by many if not all people until I can get myself to properly explain it, and I declare that we all have an attitude of grace and respect towards all beliefs within our realm (and really others, as well, since people following other religions take their beliefs at least as seriously as I/we do ours!). We may not always agree (look at Paul and Barnabas and Paul and Peter), but we can do so civilly!

So do not be afraid to rebuke or agree or nudge towards clearer/fuller truth, but also please be willing to allow God to speak to you (even if I do let myself get in the way! Remember, every message is an opportunity to hear from God, even if we completely disagree with the message!). Here is hoping I stick to a schedule and proclaim His Word well! Here is to rich dialogue and good relationships remaining intact or even being formed!

God bless and thanks for joining me for the ride,


  1. Hey Daniel, I love the new blog! I hope it is satisfying and fulfilling to you. Thanks so much for the kind words! If I can do anything for you, let me know. Happy blogging!

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