Withdrawaler or Socializer? Church Politics 101

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert, and which is better when it comes to church and church leadership?

This is a topic that, at first glance, may appear trivial, but there are some interesting points to help you better know yourself and the congregation with whom you interact. I actually prefer the words “Withdrawaler” and “Socializer,” and will be utilizing these words for the duration of this article.

Socializers go to church for the community and fellowship, Withdrawalers go to church to loose themselves in order to better connect with Jesus. Socializers tend to like smaller churches better because it is generally viewed as a more conducive venue for connecting with people. Withdrawalers tend to prefer bigger churches because they can loose themselves in the crowd and nobody will talk about, or wonder why they’re not sitting or standing with everyone else. No one will probe as to why they are crying during a worship song, and no one will ask that dredded question, “how are you doing?” because generally speaking, withdrawalers aren’t doing well unless they’re with Jesus. Socializers get recharged by being around others who can build their faith, Withdrawalers get recharged by being alone and awaiting Gods voice.

Having made a distinction between these two personality types, most people aren’t completely one or the other, we are complex and unique. But I would like to caution the pastors who are looking for people to fill ministry and leadership roles: the Socializer is the typical choice for the position because of how they connect with people, but the Withdrawler should be given equal, if not more consideration because of how they connect with God. One is not better than another, we simply have different functions.

Many Withdrawler pastors have felt misunderstood by Socializer pastors who thought they should also be a Socializer since they are called to ministry. We need to understand who we are because we can best serve Jesus in the giftings He’s given us.

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